Commitment to the Environment and Safety

Solaris Water works to maintain trust from our customers, employees, landowners and the local communities in which we operate. We are committed to protecting the environment in our area of operations and take climate risk and corporate responsibility seriously. We also prioritize a safety-first culture, provide a safe workplace for our employees, and respect and encourage community engagement. Our EHS management system is aligned with ISO 14001 and 45001, and we have integrated applicable ISO programs and practices, including the “Plan-Do-Check-Adjust” continuous improvement cycle.

Environmental Highlights

  • Implemented a comprehensive environmental management strategy. Our actions include undertaking baseline ecological studies before building and operating in any location to ensure protection of endangered species habitat, ecologically sensitive areas and historic cultural locations, as well as compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Constantly identify opportunities to reduce emissions, such as implementing a natural gas-powered microgrid to replace diesel generators and developing pipeline infrastructure to eliminate transporting produced water product by truck.
  • Developed a proactive program for spill management and leak detection and repair that uses technology-enhanced systems, including 24/7 monitoring programs. The overall program includes employee training and oversight, best practices for material selection and construction of primary and secondary containment systems.
  • Protect groundwater and prevent groundwater contamination through high-integrity wellbore design and constant monitoring of wellbore pressure to ensure well reliability and safe operations.

Health and Safety Highlights

  • We strive for safety performance that is better than the industry average, targeting a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.
  • Dedicated to maintaining a safe, OHSA-compliant working environment by using an effective EHS program of system operations, emergency preparedness, response protocols, vehicle safety monitoring and contractor compliance.
  • Ensure accountability and prevent future incidents by using an incident management, root cause and corrective action program.
  • Mandatory safety training for all employees.
  • Full compliance with our customers’ EHS and quality audits.
  • Thorough vetting and auditing of contractors’ EHS performance and qualifications.
  • 24/7 air quality monitoring at salt water disposal wells (SWDs).