Operations Overview

The continued development of unconventional resource plays in North America has stimulated the need for significant new infrastructure in key basins. Solaris Midstream understands the industry’s constantly evolving technical landscape and the unique challenges producers face in today’s oil patch. Our team works closely with customers to develop comprehensive service plans that lower operating costs while increasing safety, reliability and operational efficiency. Our mission is to enable customers to focus on exploration and production while we deliver a best-in-class suite of midstream services.

Our Service Areas

Delaware Basin Systems

Solaris’s Delaware Basin Water Infrastructure System is comprised of over 400 miles of permanent, large diameter pipelines transporting produced, recycled and non-potable water to service oil and gas operators throughout the heart of the Northern Delaware Basin, including Eddy and Lea Counties in New Mexico and Culberson and Loving Counties in Texas. The company’s Delaware Basin system is supported by acreage dedication and minimum volume commitment contracts from the largest supermajor and independent oil and gas producers operating in North America. Today, Solaris operates more than 1 million barrels per day of disposal capacity constructed in strategic locations along the pipeline network, as well as 320,000 barrels per day of recycling capacity (160,000 barrels per day under construction) with over 5 million barrels of recycled and non-potable water storage. Solaris’s Delaware Basin system provides unmatched high capacity, offtake, and recycling/sourcing solutions. The system has been built-for-purpose to match the safety and performance standards that are required by operators to support their oil production activities. As new customers and water volumes are added to the system, Solaris Water continues to develop new pipeline, disposal and water recycling/sourcing infrastructure in the Northern Delaware Basin to support ongoing activity in the basin.

Midland Basin Systems

Solaris Water Midstream operates extensive integrated produced water gathering, transportation, disposal, and recycling systems in Midland, Martin, Dawson and Howard Counties in the Midland Basin. Solaris Water’s Midland Basin operations are supported by significant acreage dedications from numerous oil and gas producers. The Midland Basin systems include approximately 70 miles of pipelines, a recycling facility capable of processing 35,000 barrels per day (160,000 barrels per day under construction), with over 5 million barrels of recycled and non-potable water storage, and connections to eleven disposal wells with in excess of 200,000 barrels per day of disposal capacity. To support further expansion of its Midland Basin systems, Solaris Water Midstream has applied for and obtained permits for numerous additional disposal wells that will be connected to its ever-expanding pipeline network.